13 September 2014

CFL/CFK  TEAM THROW DOWN UPDATE:  We now have 14 teams signed up with a few folks still looking for team members for Saturday’s (13 September)  CFL/CFK Internal Team Throwdown!  The event will be held at CrossFit Kingstowne from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please Note:  This event is free (no cost) and will be in place of regular classes at CFK.  We will also cancel the 9:30 a.m. class at CFL.  We will only run the CFL Kids/Teens Classes and the Free Intro Class on Saturday at CFL.  We will have a scaled team category as well as an Rx team category.    The more teams, the more fun everyone will have!  This is meant to be a relaxed event – nothing serious.  So there is nothing to be worried about.  We will scale to everyone’s ability. Plus you will be sharing the work with a partner.

There is still time to sign up your team!  Just follow the google docs link below.  If you want to participate but don’t have a partner, sign up anyways and we will partner you up with someone or come on in tomorrow prior to 9 a.m..   CFL/CFK TEAM THROW DOWN SIGN UP.

Below are the Workouts for tomorrow’s Team Throw Down! 


WOD 1: 

AMRAP:  10 Minutes

  • 4 Ground to Overhead (GTO) (Rx:  135/95; S:  95/65)
  • 8 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups (S:  Burpee Jumping Pull Ups)
  • 12 KB Snatch (53/35) (S:  DB Snatch:  45/25)
  • 48 Double Unders (S:  100 Singles)

One partner working at a time, teams can split movements as they want.



WOD 2:

“Karen Meets Diane”

Complete 150 Wall Balls (20/14), then…


  • Deadlifts (Rx:  225/155; S:  185/135)
  • HSPU (S:  Hand Release Push Ups)

Only one partner working at a time, partners trade off as needed.



WOD 3: 

2 Minute Max Calorie Row (Both Partners Row at same Time)

Rest 30 Seconds

2 Minute Max Box Jumps (Rx: 30/24; S:  24/24)

Rest 30 Seconds

2 Minute Max Front Squats (Rx:  155/105; S: 115/75)



0900-0915:  Teams Warm Up

0915-0930:  WOD 1 Review

0930:  Heat 1

0945:  Heat 2

1000-1015:  WOD 2 Review

1015-1030:  Heat 1

1030-1045:  Heat 2

1100-1115:  WOD 3 Review

1115-1125:  Heat 1

1125-1135:  Heat 2

1135-1145:  Heat 3

1145-1200:  Heat 4

1215-1245:  Finale WOD (Top 3 Teams)

1245-1300:  Announce Winners/Prizes