16 February 2015

CLASS SCHEDULE:  Due to the weather and worsening road conditions we have decided to cancel the last class of the day at CFL and CFK.  The 7 p.m. class at CFL and the 6:30 p.m. class at CFK are canceled tonight.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we want to ensure we are not putting our coaches and members at risk.  Please stay tuned regarding the class schedule tomorrow.



Toes to Bar

2 Rounds

30 Seconds ME:  30 Second Rest



AMRAP:  20 Minutes

10 Deadlift (Rx: 225/155; S1: 185/135; S2: 155/105: S3: 135/95)

15 Push Ups

20 Box Jumps (24/20″)



40 Plank Up/Downs


CrossFit Games Open:

The 2015 games season is nearly upon us.  The CrossFit Games Open will commence on  26 February with the online release of WOD 1.  The Open is a series of 5 workouts released individually over a five week period.  Anyone can compete in the open and even more exciting their will now be a scaled option this year for each workout.  Individuals who sign up for the open via the CrossFit Games Website (games.crossfit.com) will be eligible to complete the WODs at CrossFit Kingstowne and submit their scores online.  For those participating in the open, each of your workouts will be judged and later validated online by CrossFit Kingstowne.  Workouts are released each week on Thursday evenings.   The workout will be the WOD every Friday after it is released the night prior with a make-up option on Saturday.  This year we will once again be keeping it fun and hosting a throw down on Saturdays for anyone competing in the open.  In place of our regular classes on Saturday we will run the open workouts in a throw down format.  This year we will also be dividing members into teams (once you have signed up).  Teams will be comprised of a mix of skill levels with Rx, Scaled and Masters level competitors.  Skill sets will be balanced across teams and each week a team will earn the most amount of points and the winning team for the WOD that week will receive some fun prizes.  This will be done within our gym to keep things fun, to foster some friendly competition and to allow members to get to know each other a bit better.  This is also a great opportunity for newer members to work with some of our more experienced members on skills you might want to work on.  Please Note:  To participate in the CFK throw down you are not required to sign up on the games website, anyone can participate, but we would encourage everyone to sign up on the games site as well as its a fun way to measure your performance.  Plus we will be doing the open workouts on Fridays and Saturdays regardless – so why not just sign up and see how you do.  And remember – each week you can opt in as either Rx or Scaled depending on the workout that is released and your comfort/skill level.  (e.g., week 1 you can do Rx, week 2, scaled, week 3 Rx, etc.)  If you have any questions or are not sure if you should sign up for the CrossFit Games Open and/or the CFK Games Throw down, please come talk to me or one of the coaches.  To participate in the open and in CFK’s Internal Team Throw down you will need to do the following:


1.  Register yourself on the CrossFit Games website.  The cost to register for the open is a flat fee of $20.  Once you register you will need to select CrossFit Kingstowne as your affiliate.  Once you select CrossFit Kingstowne, I can add you to the CrossFit Kingstowne Team or you can request to join.  To register, follow the link:  CROSSFIT GAMES SIGN UP.    


2.  Sign up for CFK’s internal throw down using our google docs spreadsheet (see link below).  Once we have everyone signed up we will be breaking everyone up into teams.  Teams will get together to choose a team name (the more creative the better – we will be awarding a prize for best team name).  Please note:  You do not have to sign up on the CrossFit Games website to participate in CFK’s internal throw down, you can just sign up using the link here, but again we hope everyone will choose to do both.  To sign up, follow this link.    CFK 2015 GAMES OPEN SIGN UP.


3.  Once the open starts, you will need to come in on either Friday or Saturday to complete the workout.  Your score will go to help your team and will be included in your team’s total score.  The team with the highest score each week will win.  The WODs are different each week and some play to different strengths so it will be interesting to see how things shake out.  Ideally if you are participating in the open you will join us for the throw down on Saturday as there is always a great energy in the gym on that day.  But don’t worry you can still get points for your team if you can only complete the WOD on Friday.   Once you complete the WOD, if you are registered on the games site in addition to the CFK throw down,  you will need to upload your score prior to the deadline on the games site and we will validate before the deadline.