12 March 2015


Our first 6 week Heavy Lifters Olympic Barbell Club (HLC) kicks off this Sunday, 15 March!  We will have 12 slots available for the course.  Participants can elect to do the two classes per week option ($120) on Wednesday nights and Sundays for six weeks, or elect to do the one class per week on either Wednesday nights or Sundays ($60).  The links below will take you to our course registration/enrollment and payment site.  If you do not already have an account through our Front Desk system, you will need to create one via the links below.

This group focuses primarily on instructing and improving the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. Classes will typically consist of a comprehensive warm up, a main lift, technique/pulling drills, as well as dynamic and accessory work for speed and strength. This class is open to individuals of all skill levels who can demonstrate a basic level of proficiency in the Olympic Lifts. If you have any questions about the program, please sen a PM to info@crossfitkingstowne.com.


HLC Course (2 x per week)

HLC Course (1 x per week – Wednesday Track)

HLC Course (1 x per week – Sunday Track)



For Time (20 Minute Time Cap):

  • 60 Air Squats
  • 30 SDHP (A:  95/65; Rx: 75/55; S: 65/45)
  • 60 Sit Ups
  • 30 Push Press
  • 60 Mountain Climbers



60 DB Side Crunches (45/25)