15 April 2015

T-Shirt Contest:  

We decided to mix things up a bit for the Spring CFK T-Shirts.  Our new t-shirts will carry the new lion logo, but we want your help in coming up with a new slogan or #hashtag.  Anything goes!  It can be a funny or inspirational hashtag or slogan, and it doesnt necessarily have to tie in to the lion logo.  We will be accepting entries through Friday, 24 April.  After the deadline, we will review all the entries and select the one we like best and run it as our new spring t-shirt design.  However, we won’t reveal the winner until we get the shirts designed.  The individual who comes up with our new slogan/hashtag will receive a free t-shirt or tank in the next t-shirt order and 50% off their next month of membership!   To submit your entry follow the link below to our Google Docs Form.  Please be sure to include your name with your entry so we know who to present the award.

CFK T-Shirt Contest



Tire Flips

3 Minutes:  Max Tire Flips

(Teams of 2 to 3)




5 Minutes:  Row for Max Calories

4 Minutes:  Max Effort Snatch (A: 95/65; Rx: 75/55; S: 65/45)

3 Minutes:  Max Effort Wall Balls (20/14)

2 Minutes:  Max Effort Bent over Row (A: 95/65; Rx: 75/55; S: 65/45)

1 Minute:  Max Effort Plank Jacks



5 x 20 sec. L Sits in Parallettes (S:  Tuck Holds)


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