16 September 2015



We are excited to announce that we will soon be unveiling our new website in the next few weeks.  Part of the new website will include a section featuring member testimonials.  We believe that prospective members want to hear most from our existing member family when making a decision about which gym to join.  So if you have loved your time as a member of CrossFit Kingstowne family and of course made huge gains – then please help us spread the word about how awesome it is to be a member here at CFK and submit a testimonial.  To leave a review, please follow the link below.




Pistol Progressions




Happy Belated Birthday Coach Binh

  • 800m MB Run (20/14)
  • 26 TTB
  • 9 Cleans (A: 185/115; Rx: 155/105; S: 135/95; S2: 115/75)
  • 26 Pistols (S:  Goblet Squats)
  • 13 Jerks (A: 185/115; Rx:  155/105; S: 135/95; S2: 115/75)
  • 26 Burpees
  • 1000m Row




200m Farers Carry (45/25)