16 October 2015


CFK Throwdown:  The CFK Team Throwdown is this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We just had a several more teams sign up – which is awesome – but we are still looking for more teams, so be sure to sign up!  We will have scaled and Rx team options available.  If you are on the fence about signing up, please contact me.   We also have a few folks who are still looking for partners.  They have added their name to the list and need someone to join their team – so feel free to join one of their teams if you are interested but don’t have a partner. To sign up – Register Here.

Nutrition Challenge:  Our next Performance, Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge kicks off on Monday, 19 October and will run for 8 weeks.  Thanks for everyone who came out to the info session on Wednesday. If you were unable to attend, there is still time to sign up!  Tomorrow (Friday) we will be running the performance WOD during all of the classes for participants.  To sign up for the challenge Register Here.




Seated Shoulder Press (45/33)

Air Squats

Hang Cleans

Sit Ups

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds.

Tabata = 8 Rounds Per Movement: 20 Seconds of Work; 10 Seconds of Rest

PNL Challenge Participants:  The workout is the first workout in our Performance, Nutrition, Lifestyle Challenge.  If you are planning on participating in the Challenge kicking off on Monday, please try to make it in tomorrow sometime during any of the classes or you can make it up on Sunday during Open Gym.  We will also be doing measurements and photos tomorrow for those participating.  Please be sure to record all of your scores for your log sheets!



Row 500m Sprint

Rest1 Minute

Row 500m Sprint