8 April 2016


COACH DAN AND TINA (TEAM HAYES) FAREWELL PARTY:  Sadly Coach Dan and Coach Tina will be leaving us in mid May as return home to North Carolina for their next Duty Station.  This is a wonderful opportunity for them, but we are extremely sad to lose two awesome people and coaches!  To send them off properly we will be hosting a bon voyage WOD and party at the gym on Friday, 29 April.  It will be potluck style so we welcome everyone to bring a dish to share and we will provide both adult and non-adult beverages.   The fun will start at 7 p.m. and we welcome all of our CFK family and friends to join us in sending them off in style.

GIRLS GONE RX TEAM COMPETITION ON MAY 7th!  For more details please follow the link Girls Gone Rx.  Hurry, teams spots are going quickly!


We are once again entering a test week!  This week we will be establishing baselines in strength movements (Deadlift, Back Squat, and Press) as we kick off our new cycle.  Additionally,  we will be completing a series of new in house benchmark/baseline test WODs specifically designed for CF Kingstowne.   So be sure to get in this week to establish your new baseline and make sure you record everything.




Establish a 1 RM



Run 800m

30 Cleans (155/105)

Run 800m



Tabata V-Ups