21 September 2018


Time to grab a partner and register for our first annual CrossFit Kingstowne Battle of the Classes Throwdown (AM Vs. PM) and see who will prevail.  The event will take place on Saturday, 13 October.  This is a team event and teams can be comprised of either two males, two females, or co-ed.   There will be a scaled and an Rx division and teams will be assigned to either the morning division or evening division.  This event is meant to be inclusive and fun, so don’t worry about your skill level – sign up and join us for an awesome event.   Teams must be comprised of individuals from the same time segment (i.e. two from the morning or two from the evening).  If a member attends both evening and morning classes, they must choose the time slot they more regularly attend.  For example if you attend 2 morning sessions and 3 evening sessions each week then you will be assigned to the evening team.

The throwdown will be a bracket style format where we will have a series of qualifier rounds and workouts for quarterfinals, semifinals and finals until we get the top teams from each division and each time slot to go head to head.  There will be three podium spots for each division of scaled and Rx.  The time slot with the most podium team finishes will determine who the overall winner will be…morning or evening.  We will also have some fun prizes for our podium finishers.   For more details and to register your team, follow the link below:

** To ensure we can get the shirts in by the event, we will need to place the order by Wednesday this week, so please be sure to register your team by then.  If you need help finding a partner, send me a note!




Just a friendly reminder that there will not be a 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. class tomorrow evening as we will be setting up for our Masters of the DMV 2 event.   The 4 p.m. will run as scheduled.  Directly after we will begin our set up for the event.  Any extra hands that are available tomorrow are greatly appreciated as it will help speed up the process.


AMRAP:  7 Minutes

5 Burpee Pull Ups

5 DB Clean and Press (45/25)



1)Bench press: 8-8-8 (90sec rest between sets)

Superset x 3 sets:
10 Ring dips (+/- band)
10 DB Chest flys

2)Bent over BB Row: 8-8-8 (90 sec between sets)

2a)ACCESSORY (to main)
Superset x 3 sets:
10 RDL to back fly (5 R leg, 5 left leg)
15 Goblet sit to stand (off low plates stacked on floor)

3) Empty BB Bicep Curls: 8-8-8
(90sec rest between sets)

Superset x 3 sets:
10 BB Step Ups (5 R, 5 L)
10 BB Good Mornings