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Our Community Speaks Volumes

Our members have a lot to say about us, so we figured we'd give them a chance to tell you how CrossFit Kingstowne has influenced their lives.

Sara Teal - CFK is my family. I am a military implant to the Northern Virginia area. It is not easy for someone who moves around every couple of years to find a place that feels like they have “put down roots,” but that is what CFK has been to me. The community is next to none and not only supports each other inside the box, but also in my personal life and accomplishments. I can be sure that CFK will remember my birthday, recognize my promotions, witness personal records, and always welcome me with open arms. I feel my best when I am here. I can be sure that I’m being pushed in every aspect, whether it be getting to that “aha moment” with a lift, or finishing a workout. In many ways, CFK is my home away from home and I will be forever grateful for Carrie, and the atmosphere that she has created there.

Julie Meidhof - CFK is not only a great workout, but an even better community. The coaches are the best – incredibly knowledgeable about the movements and offer encouragement and that extra push we all need to add a couple of pounds or push for a few more reps! I’m not the fastest or strongest, but I look forward to this hour everyday!

Lesley Phillips - The workouts were difficult, sometimes they seemed impossible. I would be winded after a 200m warm up run! But the supportive coaches are always there to help scale things appropriately, while still pushing you to work hard. The community is also the most supportive I have ever encountered in fitness. Other gym members will cheer you on and support you through every workout. Over time, movements became easier, I could lift more weight, and I could do things that I had never been able to do before. Since joing CFK. I have run a 5K, deadlifted over 200lbs, back squatted over my bodyweight, lost almost 60lbs, and I feel healthier than I ever have before. Further, my day to day life has improved tenfold. On a trip to Europe, my husband and I walked 14 miles in one day, and then got up the next day to walk another 10. I am so amazed at how much easier I can move through life.

Ron Pack - Crossfit Kingstowne will help push you to accomplish more than you thought possible. You will experience quality coaching, programming, and an encouraging community the first time you step through the door

Jessica Atwell - I can't tell you enough or accurately how much being a part of CFK has truly changed my life. I've learned a lot about myself and I have been able to work through and discard old habits and ways of thinking, and step into a stronger, more confident self. So, thank you for creating the space where I have been able to do that. Every coach I've worked with have been so kind, fun, and supportive. I appreciate the genuine interest you all have in the people that come through your doors! You are making a lasting impact and are a beautiful example of a strong woman and mom.

Rachel Neben - Joining CFK has also improved my mental health. I feel more confident in myself and am more willing to take on challenges because I have discovered that my hard work pays off. The CFK community has been incredibly welcoming and supportive of me. It is amazing to have a group of people support my healthy living goals and are willing to help me reach them. I look forward to continuing to improve myself with CFK.

Check Out Our Kingstowne Facility

Our 6500sf facility is conveniently located right off the Capital Beltway, a few blocks from the Van Dorn Metro, and proudly serving the residents of Alexandria, Kingstowne, Springfield, Arlington, and Lorton, Virginia.

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