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Our Community Speaks Volumes

Our members have a lot to say about us, so we figured we'd give them a chance to tell you how CrossFit Kingstowne has influenced their lives.

Jamie Bowers - In 6 years I have gone from an out of shape computer and band nerd to a computer and band nerd that is in better shape and holds several Crossfit Certifications of his own. Something I would have never anticipated 6 years ago.

Lesley Phillips - The workouts were difficult, sometimes they seemed impossible. I would be winded after a 200m warm up run! But the supportive coaches are always there to help scale things appropriately, while still pushing you to work hard. The community is also the most supportive I have ever encountered in fitness. Other gym members will cheer you on and support you through every workout. Over time, movements became easier, I could lift more weight, and I could do things that I had never been able to do before. Since joing CFK. I have run a 5K, deadlifted over 200lbs, back squatted over my bodyweight, lost almost 60lbs, and I feel healthier than I ever have before. Further, my day to day life has improved tenfold. On a trip to Europe, my husband and I walked 14 miles in one day, and then got up the next day to walk another 10. I am so amazed at how much easier I can move through life.

Rachel Neben - Joining CFK has also improved my mental health. I feel more confident in myself and am more willing to take on challenges because I have discovered that my hard work pays off. The CFK community has been incredibly welcoming and supportive of me. It is amazing to have a group of people support my healthy living goals and are willing to help me reach them. I look forward to continuing to improve myself with CFK.

Rachel Neben - I joined CrossFit Kingstowne because I was tired of being thin and weak. After 6 months of hard work, I can say that I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I feel strong and my husband regularly says “You are strong now, you can take care of that!” and it’s true, I am much stronger than I was before joining.

Julie Meidhof - CFK is not only a great workout, but an even better community. The coaches are the best – incredibly knowledgeable about the movements and offer encouragement and that extra push we all need to add a couple of pounds or push for a few more reps! I’m not the fastest or strongest, but I look forward to this hour everyday!

Jessica Atwell - I can't tell you enough or accurately how much being a part of CFK has truly changed my life. I've learned a lot about myself and I have been able to work through and discard old habits and ways of thinking, and step into a stronger, more confident self. So, thank you for creating the space where I have been able to do that. Every coach I've worked with have been so kind, fun, and supportive. I appreciate the genuine interest you all have in the people that come through your doors! You are making a lasting impact and are a beautiful example of a strong woman and mom.

Check Out Our Kingstowne Facility

Our 6500sf facility is conveniently located right off the Capital Beltway, a few blocks from the Van Dorn Metro, and proudly serving the residents of Alexandria, Kingstowne, Springfield, Arlington, and Lorton, Virginia.

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