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We want you to come in and check us out! It's easy, just click the link below to schedule a time to meet us, check out the facility, and get a great workout!

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Step #2: Join Our Foundations Program

Once you're ready to join, we have an established 2-week course that will help introduce you to how classes are run, and teach you the movements you'll need to know in a small group setting.

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Our Community Speaks Volumes

Our members have a lot to say about us, so we figured we'd give them a chance to tell you how CrossFit Kingstowne has influenced their lives.

Ron Pack - Crossfit Kingstowne will help push you to accomplish more than you thought possible. You will experience quality coaching, programming, and an encouraging community the first time you step through the door

Rachel Neben - I joined CrossFit Kingstowne because I was tired of being thin and weak. After 6 months of hard work, I can say that I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I feel strong and my husband regularly says “You are strong now, you can take care of that!” and it’s true, I am much stronger than I was before joining.

Lesley Phillips - If you are thinking of coming to CFK, my advice is to try a free intro class. You will really never know what you can do until you try.

Sara Teal - CFK is my family. I am a military implant to the Northern Virginia area. It is not easy for someone who moves around every couple of years to find a place that feels like they have “put down roots,” but that is what CFK has been to me. The community is next to none and not only supports each other inside the box, but also in my personal life and accomplishments. I can be sure that CFK will remember my birthday, recognize my promotions, witness personal records, and always welcome me with open arms. I feel my best when I am here. I can be sure that I’m being pushed in every aspect, whether it be getting to that “aha moment” with a lift, or finishing a workout. In many ways, CFK is my home away from home and I will be forever grateful for Carrie, and the atmosphere that she has created there.

Jamie Bowers - In 6 years I have gone from an out of shape computer and band nerd to a computer and band nerd that is in better shape and holds several Crossfit Certifications of his own. Something I would have never anticipated 6 years ago.

Colleen Fagan - I started Crossfit 9 months prior at a very small box, but I was still nervous about moving to a new city, searching for a new box, and "fitting in" with fitter people than I was used to working out with! Right away I knew this was a great place to join from the community, the awesome coaches, and the quality WODs. After being at CFK for 6 months and returning for a holiday WOD at my old box, I could tell then how far I've come in the short amount of time at CFK and so could others. I always feel that the coaches give you personalized attention and your classmates push you to be better than you were yesterday. I look forward to getting to CFK every day!

Check Out Our Kingstowne Facility

Our 6500sf facility is conveniently located right off the Capital Beltway, a few blocks from the Van Dorn Metro, and proudly serving the residents of Alexandria, Kingstowne, Springfield, Arlington, and Lorton, Virginia.

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