Account Management

Before you can enroll in classes and courses, or buy membership passes and plans for CrossFit Kingstowne, you need to open an account by creating a client profile via our Front Desk member portal..

If you have previously attended a free intro class or completed a waiver for CrossFit Kingstowne, you have already taken the first step of creating a client profile for your account.  To further manage your account you will need to access the welcome email you received when you first completed your client profile and waiver.   Once you have accessed the link in your welcome email, you can add a password and update the entire profile anytime to include mailing address, email address, phone number and payment methods.   

If you are a first-time visitor, you will need to start from scratch by clicking on the link below to create a client profile and sign our online waiver.

Once you have created your account and saved your password, you can manage your account in multiple ways:

  • Update your profile information (like name, address, email address, telephone number) by tapping Edit Profile on your mobile device or by clicking your name on a computer.
  • Add or change your photo by tapping your profile photo.
  • Change the notifications that you receive and where they’re sent by tapping Notifications and then tapping Settings.
  • Make billing easy by adding or updating your credit card. Just tap Payment Methods.
  • Make signing in to classes easy by saving your Sign in barcode to your phone. Just tap Scan In. On an iPhone you can add the sign-in code to Passbook by tapping the Add to Passbook button directly below it. For non-iPhone users, take a screenshot of the sign-in code for future use.
  • Want to review what you’ve done? See your history CrossFit Kingstowne, including notes posted by staff, the visits you’ve made, the bills you’ve paid, and the documents you’ve signed by tapping the Activity button.  

You can also check out what classes and/or specialty services CrossFit Kingstowne has to offer by tapping any of the tabs at the top of the page. Review our schedule, list of services, and everything else to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything we offer!