Open Gym (Hybrid AF)

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Hybrid AF and are now a near 24/7 open access facility! What this means is that our members who choose to take advantage of this new feature add on are able to access the gym at nearly any hour of the day in an open gym setting, in addition to our regular class offerings. Some limitations apply during peak and regular class hours, but we are excited to offer this service to provide our community with more flexibility in utilizing the gym and our programming when it is most convenient for your schedules!

Our members can now add this new feature to their memberships for a $20 add on for our no contract month-to-month memberships, or a $15 monthly add on for all of our Term Commitment and Prepaid Plans. We also offer an open gym only membership ideal for shift workers or individuals who follow their own program and need access to a gym and equipment. If you are interested in getting started with our open gym only membership, send us a DM to

Open Gym provides access for members in a self-directed manner to workout, practice specific skills, or spend some time on much needed recovery or mobility exercises.

We are excited to offer this new feature for our local community!

Cost:   This new service is available as a $20 Monthly Recurring Add On to all of our No-Contract Month-to-Month Plans or $15 Monthly Recurring Add On for all Term Commitment Discounted Plans or Prepaid Discounted Plans.  In addition we offer a stand alone 24/7 Open Gym Access Only Membership Plan for $125 per month (recurring).  Drop-In rates will be $20 per session.  

Attendance: This class is open to members and non-members