Overstreet Strong Challenge Fundraiser Event (1000/750# + 1 Mile Run Challenge)

Please join us on Saturday, 12 November for our Overstreet Strong 1000#/750# + 1 Mile Challenge. This is a fundraiser event to help support the Overstreet/Souza family battle Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

We will be incorporating elements of the Rogue 1000# Challenge and adding another fun element of a 1 mile run to follow the lifts. Our goal was to not only test strength, but also speed, and seek out the most well rounded athletes. Anyone who would like to participate in the event (to include non CF Kingstowne or former Liberation members) are welcome to join us. If you do not want to participate in the workouts then you are welcome to come in and cheer on the athletes and participants and help us raise funds to support this incredible family. 

Participants of the challenge will register for an hour long heat where they will perform a max load Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift in that order. Athletes will have one hour to complete the three lifts. After all the heats are finished, athletes will then complete a 1 mile run together. 

We will be offering up prizes for the top performers, in addition to holding a few raffles during the event to help raise additional funds. No registration fee to attend our fundraiser event is required, we only ask that you consider donating to the Go Fund Me page we have set up for Katie and her family (see the link below) or consider purchasing one of the Overstreet Strong Fundraiser shirts we have ordered (or both), in lieu of a registration fee. 

Please note this event is not affiliated with the Rogue 1000# challenge. If you would like to record your lifts and enter them into consideration for the Rogue 1000# challenge, please be sure to register on the Rogue site for the challenge in order to follow their procedures for a valid submission. We will provide the venue, equipment, and the time slot where you can complete the three lifts. However, we are doing this event for fun, to bring our community together, and to help support an incredible family as they begin one of the toughest battles of their lives. 

We have included a heat registration form link below. We will initially start with three heats and based on interest/demand we will add more heat times. We will have food and beverages after the heats.


If you are interested in supporting this wonderful family, you can donate in a variety of ways. The best way is to go to the Go Fund Me Page we have created for their family. To learn more about Katie’s story and to donate, please follow the link below. 

We have also created Overstreet Strong Fundraiser T-Shirts that we will be selling for $30. Below is a pre-order form where you can reserve your shirt prior to the event. We are hoping everyone will wear their shirt for the event to show our support. 

If you have any questions about our event, please let me know. You can reach me at 703-408-7887 or via email at info@crossfitkingstowne.com. 

Additionally, we are hoping to hold a few raffles throughout the event as another means for raising funds. If you have any service or items you would like to donate to the raffle that we can raffle, please let me know. 

Thank you all for your incredible support of this family! We have already raised almost $20K for them and we are not stopping there! We truly have the most incredible community and you all never cease to amaze me with your love and generosity. 

GO FUND ME:  https://gofund.me/aef2b609