Co-Ed Fit Camp

Our Co-Ed Fit Camp Program is a time-efficient, high intensity  boot camp style workout designed to get members moving better while building a lean, strong body. These classes are specifically designed for individuals who want the constantly varied, high-intensity aspects of CrossFit, without the heavy lifting.   This boot-camp style workout blends functional movements and fast-paced cardio specifically designed to boost your endurance, strength, stability, balance, and overall athleticism. Our Co-Ed Fit Camp is perfect for the beginning athlete looking to shed body fat and develop a strong base of general fitness and proper movement patterns.  For the time-crunched athlete our Co-Ed Fit Camp class is structured to get you warmed up and through your workout in about 40 minutes and follow this up with a 5-15 minute optional mobility and/or core work session for athletes who want to spend additional time improving movement patterns, joint health and range of motion.



Cost:  Our Fit Camp classes are included in all of our regular All-Access Monthly CrossFit Membership.   We also offer a Kingstowne Fit Camp and SpinFit Only Membership for individuals not looking to do our CrossFit program for $125.00 per month.

Who is our Co-Ed Fit Camp for?

  • Just like our regular CrossFit classes our Co-Ed Fit Camp classes are for everyone and can be scaled to any and all fitness levels. These classes are ideal for:
  • Beginners who are interested in our CrossFit program but want to build up some conditioning and basic strength first.
  • Those tired of the traditional or globo gym and want the variety and intensity of CrossFit without the heavy or technical lifts.
  • CrossFit athletes coming back from taking time off
  • Early morning warriors operating on a tight schedule and looking for an efficient and effective workout in under an hour
  • Individuals who have an injury that prevents them from lifting heavy weight but still want to get in shape.