How to Join

New to CrossFit, we can get you started in four easy steps.

  1. Take a Free Intro Class
  2. Select a Membership Plan that suits your Schedule and Goals
  3. Sign up and Attend Group or Private Foundations
  4. Attend a WOD or Class

1. Try a Free Intro Class

A free Intro class is the first step in deciding whether CrossFit Kingstowne is right for you. You do not need to “get in shape” to attend a free intro class, as we’ve scaled them to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level.

We offer a free intro class every Monday night at 6:30 p.m., as well as Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. and Sundays at 11:00 a.m. This class is specifically tailored to individuals who have no prior CrossFit experience.  You can register below via the link to attend an upcoming class. You will complete a short workout during the free intro class. All you need to do is wear comfortable workout attire and we will take care of the rest.


If our weekly Monday, Saturday or Sunday community class does not fit your schedule, you can also schedule a private free intro class during the weekday.

If you are transplanting from another CrossFit affiliate and have completed a comparable level of CrossFit-specific training, you are welcome to drop in for free to any of our regular CrossFit classes to see if we are a good fit for you.  Based on your prior experience you may be able to skip our Foundations program as well. Please email us to let us know about your background, or come in to speak with a coach about possible TEST OUT options.

Still not sure if CrossFit is right for you? You are also welcome to schedule a time to meet with a coach for a “No Sweat Intro” to learn about our program(s), observe a class, and discuss your individual goals. If the “No Sweat Intro” is more your speed, please CONTACT US to schedule a time to meet with a coach.

2. Sign Up for a Membership

To get started after your free intro class and become a member of CrossFit Kingstowne, you just need to sign up for our next available Group or Private Foundations course and select the Membership Plan or Package that works best for your schedule and budget.


We offer a variety of Membership options and packages.  We also offer family discounts as well as discounts for all active military, law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel, as well as nurses, teachers and students. Our pricing is fair, simple, and straightforward.

For more information on Membership Plans or to get additional pricing information, please CONTACT US.

3. Complete Group or Private Foundations

Our Free Intro Class is actually the first class in our four (4) class Group Foundations series, designed to teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit. Once you’ve selected your membership plan, you will need to complete the other three foundations classes (Class 1 through Class 3). Our Group Foundations course is a one time, flat fee of $100, and includes three one-hour classes. We commence a new Foundations course each week, so you never have to wait to get started.


Our Foundations course teaches the basics of human movement and builds upon that to teach proper technique for the various types of training we incorporate in our WODs (Workout of the Day) including weightlifting, bodyweight exercise, gymnastics, rowing and running in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Please Note: Each foundations class is offered in a sequence and should be taken in order. You’re welcome to repeat any of these classes as often as you’d like. If you are unable to attend the Group classes, you can schedule a Private Foundations course for a flat fee of $200, which includes two one-hour private sessions at a time of your choosing.

4. Attend a Class or WOD

After your first Foundations class and/or test out, you are permitted to begin training the everyday WODs with our other members on days of your choosing (workouts will be scaled down to your education and fitness level), but you are required to continue and complete the Foundation program per the established schedule. Our group classes are completely scalable for anyone from the deconditioned beginner to the elite athlete and are just as welcoming as our foundations classes, with attentive, caring and talented coaches to ensure you join in at the proper pace for your specific skill and fitness level.


To get started call or email us now and we will get you started on this amazing health and fitness journey!