Sep 18, 2011:

*HLCLV 2-4 pm I Will Have A WOD Available,

Or You Can Work Technique In Open Gym


*Teens Friendly WOD Today…Come WOD

With The Family.


*No 0930 Warrior Program (Actually…It Was FGB6)


3 Round Tabata…20 Sec On, 10 Sec Off

For 4 Mins Of Each, 1 Min Rest After 4 Mins:


First 4 Mins: Push-Ups

Second 4 Mins: Jump Rope Singles

Third 4 Mins: Leg-Raises




Round 1: Explosive Push-Ups

(Hands MUST Leave The Ground)

Round 2: D/U’s

*No Rest Between Rounds

*Run 400m On Call Of “Time”