3 June 2012

Heavy Lifters:

At various points of your teams choosing.
You each must Complete
25 GHD Situps or 25 BB Role outs

Weight and Feet

As a Team.
Lift a total of 20,000 lbs using a minimum of Three of the following lifts

Power Clean
Front Squat

You also must Jump or Climb a total of
500 Feet

Rope is 10Feet
30″ = 2.5 ft
24″= 2 ft
20″ = 1.5 ft


Make-Up WOD:

236 Meter Row
3 Rounds
19 Wallballs
19 Power Cleans
19 D/U’s
236 Meter Row
*Brian will finish with 800 meter run with the heavy Sandbag, for the new leadership and responsibilities he will carry so well with his new rank*
236 represents the age Of The World’s Finest Navy that Brian Serves.
3 Rounds is for the fact that he will be pinning on LT, which is an O-3.
19 represents the years he has been serving this great country.
The movements were chosen, cause they are Brian’s Favorites