16 June, 2012:


0930 Warrior Program


“Luck Of The Draw”


Class will be divided into groups. Each group will draw 5 cards. The hand decides your WOD.


This will be a 30 Min AMRAP.
Joker adds 5 mins to the WOD.


The cards are split into 2 Groups.
Suite number cards = BB Movements
Royal cards = Body Weight Movements


2 Suite/number cards are drawn.
3 Royal cards are drawn.
The reps are already placed on the Royal cards.


The first Suite/number card drawn is the BB Movement.
The sum of the two cards = the Reps.


There will be 1 BB movement and 3 Body weight movements in the WOD.


Bring your “A” game……I mean poker face…




“Performance Challenge WOD”

(Will also be offered on Saturday as make-up)


Max Reps Of Each Of The Following Exercises

For 1 Min With 30 Sec Rest In Between Each:


Thruster (75/55)

Box Jump (24/20)

Squat Thrust

SDHP (75/55)


Mtn. Climber

Push-Press (75/55)

DH Chin-Up