14 July, 2012:


0930 Warrior Program




8 Rounds For Time:


Run 200m
15 Burpee Dumbbell Deadlifts (45/25)


*Advanced ladies can do 35lb DB’s 12 Reps.


*Scaled guys can do 35lb DB’s 20 reps


This New Hero WOD Calls For 60/40lb DB’s Which We Don’t Have. The Above Weights/Reps Equal Out To Roughly The Same Amount Lifted As The WOD As Prescribed.


Make-Up WOD:


For Time:


100 D/U’s

30 SDHP (S:75/55 RX:95/65 A:115/75)

75 D/U’s

20 SDHP (S:95/65 RX:115/75 A:135/95)

50 D/U’s

10 SDHP (S:115/75 RX:135/95 A:155/105)


*If You Have Been A Member Here For Over 6 Months And You Are Still Doing Singles Because You Have Been Too Lazy To Learn/Work On/Ask A Coach To Help You With Your D/U’s…SUCKS TO BE YOU! Times 5! (500, 375, 250)


*New Members Times 3 (300, 225, 150)