2 January 2015


8 Min AMRAP:

  • 8 C2B Pull ups (A:5 Bar Muscle Ups or 3 Ring MU)
  • 12 KB Russian Twists Rest

1 Min Rest


5 Min AMRAP:

  • 10 KB SDHP
  • 8 V Ups






Happy New Year CFL/CFK!

This is just a reminder that we will be closed on New Year’s Day!  We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!  While you have the time tomorrow, please try and spend some time thinking about your personal health and fitness goals for 2015.  Think about where you would like to be in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and by 2016 and set a timeline!  Even better, write it down! If you put in the work, the results will come.  Your goals can be anything from building measurable strength such as a new personal record in a lift, getting your first muscle up or pull up, participating in our CFL/CFK Performance Nutrition Challenge, competing in a local competition or just holding yourself accountable and attending the gym at least 4-5 times per week.

To help you get started, here are some great tips on setting your goals for the year and ensuring you achieve them from a Forbes article on Goal setting vs. Resolution making:

  • Be specific about your resolution. Make realistic, measurable goals, and write them down.
  • Set incremental goals and reward yourself when you achieve them.
  • Limit the number of resolutions you make.
  • Post your list in a visible place to serve as a reminder and to encourage yourself.
  • Enlist the support of your friends and family.
  • Limit your exposure to people likely to encourage resolution breaking. Surround yourself with good, supportive friends, not people who sabotage or belittle your efforts (aka…your CFL/CFK family).


CALLING ALL JUDGES AND VOLUNTEERS:  We are about 2 1/2 weeks out from our annual Cold War Mid-Atlantic Team Competition!  For newer members…this is one of the largest competitions in the Mid-Atlantic!   However, in order to make it a huge success, we need your help!  We are looking for judges and volunteers to help us the weekend of 17 January 2015.  We need volunteers to help us with everything from athlete registration, equipment set up and tear down, security, judging, scoring, etc.  Last year we had over 100 volunteers and judges – just to give you an idea of how many people we need to run an event of this size!  This year we are running short on volunteers and really could use some help from our CFL/CFK family or feel free to invite any of your CrossFit friends in the community.  If you are available to help out on either Friday (for set up) or Saturday for the actual event, please register via our eventbrite link below.  All of our volunteers and judges will receive a free t-shirt (and who doesn’t love a free t-shirt), some swag from some of our sponsors, as well as meals during the day on Saturday.   In order to ensure we have the right t-shirt sizes, though, we need you to register as soon as possible as we are placing our final shirt order in the next few days.  If you have any questions, please shoot me a message or give me a call!   Just to get you excited, here is a pic of the event t-shirt this year (special thanks to Minki K.).