17 May 2018


Just a friendly reminder that we will be hosting our annual Memorial Day Murph WOD and BBQ/Potluck on  Monday, 28 May (Memorial Day).  We will be posting a heat sign up sheet in the next few days for the workout.  After the workout we will have the grill running and invite you to bring some meat to throw on the grill or a dish or beverage to share.  We will also be holding our Prize raffle for the Murph Prep Challenge that day as well.  This is our 8th year running this event and we look forward to spending the day with our amazing CrossFit Kingstowne Family and honoring the fallen.


We are excited to officially kick off our new Spin Fit program!  We have launched four class times per week for now. Initial class times are listed below.  If you have not yet tried out a free trial class, we welcome you to come in and try out a class for free. After that we have several punch card pass options available to members and non-members, as well as two discounted monthly recurring plans available exclusively to our  CFK members and their family members (who do not need to be existing members).

You can enroll online for classes by visiting our schedule on the website or members can log in to your Pike 13 dashboard. To obtain the free trial pass you simply need to enter the coupon code SPINTRIAL at check out and it will reduce the cost of your first trial class to zero. Each class will be capped at 9 members so be sure to enroll early to secure your spot. If classes begin to consistently fill up we will begin to add more class times and options to our schedule.  If three or less people have enrolled, then the class will be cancelled with notice provided at least 90 minutes prior to the class start.  You can register online via our SCHEDULE online.


  • Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
  • Sundays at 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.


1 Session Per Week (4 Sessions Per Month) Recurring Monthly Membership Add On:  $50 ($12.50 per class) **

2 Sessions Per Week (8 Sessions Per Month) Recurring Monthly Membership Add On:  $90 ($11.25 Per Class)**

** The discounted monthly recurring membership add on is available only to CFK members and/or their immediate family members.  These plans can be extended to family members who do not currently attend regular CrossFit classes but have a spouse or partner who does.

Family Member Discount:  If two or more family members purchase the membership add on they each receive an additional $5 off the 1 session per week plan and $10 off the 2 session per week plan. ($45 and $80).

1 Class Drop In:  $20

5 Class Punch Card:  $90 (Members have up to 45 days to utilize passes)

10 Class Punch Card:  $150 (Members have up to 75 days to utilize passes)



5 Rounds (Rest 90 seconds between rounds)

Hand Stand Complex

S:  Box Walk + 7 Pike Push Ups

Rx:  10-20 Shoulder Taps + 3 Strict HSPU + 5 Kipping HSPU

Advanced:  5m Handstand Walk + 5 Strict HSPU + 5 Kipping HSPU

** Rx athletes can use additional ambits for Strict HSPU as needed and then remove the additional abmats for Kipping HSPU



3 RFT:

21 T2B

15 KB Swings (A: 70/53; Rx: 53/35)

200m Run with Vest (A:  6/4 Ring Muscle Ups)

** Sub Med Ball if do not have a Vest



3 x 20m Backwards Sled Drag (Medium Load)