Hey everyone,

Please see below a link to our pre-order form for our “OVERSTREET STRONG” Fundraiser Tee. We will be selling these as another means to help raise funds to support Katie and Victor Souza and their beautiful family in their fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma.

We will be selling the t-shirts for $30 and donating all the proceeds to our Overstreet Strong Go Fund Me Page. The shirt is purple “Violet” for Hodgkins Lymphoma awareness. By adding your name to the pre-order sheet we will ensure that we set aside your size aside when you come in to purchase since we will have a limited quantity. Please note that we will likely sell out of these shirts. So if you plan to purchase one please be sure to add your name to the pre-order form so that we can ensure we set aside a shirt for you. Also, if we hit our order quantity in the next day or so, we will have the ability to order some more shirts if there is enough demand. So please be sure to add your name to the sheet if you want to order a shirt and support the Overstreet/Souza family.

These will be available for purchase and pick up in our Fit Collective Shop in early November. We would love it if everyone would wear them for our Overstreet Strong 1000# + 1 Mile Run Challenge on 12 November.

Below is a link to the pre-order form. A picture of the shirt is included in the order form and below.